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Self-Care is No Longer a Luxury, It's Essential

Haircuts and Styles

Women's Haircut and Style                          $28 & Up
Men's Haircut & Style                                  $21 & Up
Children's Haircut                                       
$21 & Up
(Up to 12 Years)              
Bang Trim or Beard Trim                             $8 & Up
Special Occasion Styles                               $50 & Up
(Up to 1 Hour)
Children's Up-do                                         $25 & Up
Shampoo & Blow-dry                                  $21 & Up
Flat Iron or Extra Style                                $10
(Per additional 15 mins)
Conditioning Treatment                                $10-$15

Color Services

Permanent Color                                        $50 & Up
Full Foil                                                     $70 & Up
Partial Foil                                                 $55 & Up
Color Block                                                $95 & Up
(Perm. Color & Partial Foil)
Chunks/Poppers                                        $6 per foil
(Less than 10 foils)
First Time Bleach Application                       $70 & Up
Bleach Retouch                                          $50 & Up
Additional Color                                          $10 & Up
Men' Camo Color                                        $25 & Up
Corrective Color                          Priced upon consult.
(Per hour)
Brow Tint                                                          $15

Permanent Waves

Short Perm Wave                                       $95 & Up
Medium Perm Wave                                  $105 & Up
Long Perm Wave                                      $115 & Up
Extra Perm Solution                                           $15

Chemical Relaxers

Mizani Relaxer                                                   $75
Keratin Smoothing Treatment                            $100
Keratin Straightening Treatment                        $200

Spa Services


The Essential Facial                                    $50

This skin treatment is designed to address your specific concerns and meet your exact skin needs as a result of a personalized Face Mapping skin analysis.  From double cleansing, exfoliation, pressure point massage, personalized masque and sun protection, this treatment takes your skin to its optimal best.  Dermalogica's extensive professional strength products allow for customization unique only to you, including exclusive touch techniques and advanced technology - you will experience a thorough and expertly given skin treatment like no other!

Anti-Aging Treatment                                 $60

Give your skin revitalizing power boost with this treatment designed to nourish, regenerate and energize skin!  Potent vitamin and hydroxy acid exfoliation resurfaces and retexturizes skin while restructuring massage techniques release tension in the facial muscles for the ultimate in skin therapy for prematurely-aging, mature or devitalized skin.  Firmer, smoother, revived skin you'll love is yours with this amazing treatment.

Adult Acne Treatment                                $70

Starting with a thorough deep-cleansing, followed by professional exfoliation to remove pore-clogging skin cells and extractions to remove pore-clogging skin cells and extractions to help clear current breakouts without spreading acne-causing bacteria.  The application of our soothing professional masque detoxifies skin while calming irritation and redness, and oil-free hydration and solar defense help hydrate and control excess surface oil while keeping skin protected.

Brightening Skin Treatment                        $60

Accelerate brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher, healthier appearance with this effective treatment.  Powerful exfoliants smooth skin and slough off dulling surface cells, helping to minimize the appearance of sun and age spots.  Botanical extracts help treat and prevent cellular discoloration for unsurpassed brightening and tonal balance.  Finish your treatment with intense moisturization that helps smoothe fine dryness lines, improves barrier protection, nourishes skin and shields against further environmental damage.

Redness Relief Skin Treatment                    $60

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Treatment is serious relief for sensitized skin that calms, soothes and replenishes the most aggravated, irritated, inflamed skin.  By targeting the triggers behind redness, itching and stinging, this treatment will help recover skin health for long-term relief from flare-ups.

Spa Body Treatments

Body Contour Wrap                                    $69

An all-natural wrapping process that actually detoxifies the tissues while producing an inch loss of up to 14 inches.  It restores elasticity to loose and sagging skin, helps diminish cellulite, and contours problem areas of the body.
Treatment time: 105 minutes

White Sugar Honey Body Polish                   $50

Loaded with luscious sugar to gently exfoliate, honey to nourish and selected oils of Jojoba, Apricot, Borage, Aloe, Olive, and Grape Seed. These oils are highly effective in helping transform dull, dry skin into skin that’s soft and satiny. This polish is great for sensitive skin.
Treatment time: 30 minutes

Citrus Body Polish                                      $50

Gentle apricot seed powder to exfoliate, sunflower seed oil to moisturize and a botanical blend of lavender, geranium, chamomile and soapwort to nourish the skin, a must before or after a massage. Treatment time: 30 minutes

Indian Sunset Mud Mask                           $115

This treatment begins with a citrus exfoliation, followed by warm Sedona mud applied to the entire body. You relax for 30 minutes while the mask indulges your skin by improving circulation and drawing out impurities. The technician then finishes by lightly massaging stimulating oil into the skin.
Treatment time: 75 minutes

Dead Sea Body Paraffin                              $95

You begin with a massage of Dead Sea salts and massage oil to detoxify your skin. Next, an active cellulite cream is worked into the skin, followed by warm Dead Sea paraffin. The treatment is finished with a light body massage.
Treatment time: 75 minutes

Spa Packages

Short Perm Wave                                       $95 & Up
Medium Perm Wave                                  $105 & Up
Long Perm Wave                                      $115 & Up
Extra Perm Solution                                           $15

Essential getaway                                    $110

30 Minute Massage, Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure and Rejuvenessence Session.
Spa escape                                             $190
Full Body Massage, Essential Facial, Spa Pedicure, Shampoo and Style, Touch-up Makeup and Rejuvenessence Session.

Restorative Journey                                 $214

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage, Contor Body Wrap, Anti-Aging Facial, Shampoo and Style, and Rejuvenessence Session.

Beyond Beauty                                        $240

Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, Renewal Facial, Hair Color Enhancement, Designer Haircut, Rejuvenessence Session and Touch-up Makeup.

A Little Bit of Paradise                              $285​

Full Body Massage, Indian Sunset Mud Mask, Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, Shampoo and Style, Touch-Up Makeup and Rejuvenessence Session.

*Customize or create your own Essential experience

We are a performance based salon, our prices will vary based on the demand of our service provider's time.

Hair Removal

Eyebrow Wax                                                     $15
Eyebrow Threading                                             $18
Lip Wax                                                             $10
Lip Threading                                                     $12
Chin Wax                                                           $15
Hairline/Sideburn                                               $20
Whole Fax Wax                                                  $50
Bikini Wax                                                         $35
Brazilian Wax                                                     $65
Underarm Wax                                                   $25
Arm Wax (Full arm)                                            $45
(Half arm)                                                         $35
Leg Wax (Full leg)                                              $65
(Half leg)                                                           $45
Back Wax                                                  $60 & Up
Chest Wax                                                 $60 & Up

Make-Up Application

Full Face Application                                           $30
Touch-up Application                                          $15
(Eye and lip only)
Airbrush Application                                            $45
Eyelash Application                                             $15
(Must supply your own eyelashes and glue)

Nail Services

Buff and Polish                                                   $15
(Fingers and toes)
Express Manicure                                       $20 & Up
Shellac Express Manicure                            $30 & Up
Spa Manicure                                              $30& Up
Shellac Spa Manicure                                  $40 & Up
Express Pedicure                                        $35 & Up
Shellac Express Pedicure                             $45 & Up
Spa Pedicure                                              $50 & Up
Shellac Spa Pedicure                                   $60 & Up
Full Set of Artifical Nails                              $50 & Up
(Gels or acrylic)
Pink & White Fill                                         $30 & Up
Rebalance (Nail fill)                                    $25 & Up
Toe Nail Full Set                                         $50 & Up
Toe Fill                                                      $25 & Up
Nail Repair                                                          $5
(Per nail)
Paraffin Treatment Add-on                                    $8

Microzone Treatments

Flash Exfoliation                                           $25

Resurface, smooth and brighten your skin with this maximum strength exfoliation treatment that helps reverse visible signs of aging.

Say NO to Crow                                         $25

Treat multiple eye area concerns like dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, loss of volume and firmness with this advanced treatment that helps boost new collagen while improving overall firmness and tone.

Blackhead Relief                                        $25

This deep cleansing, purifying treatment helps clear away blackheads, stubborn bumps and under surface congestion.

Microdermabrasion                                    Face $100
                                        Add-on to facial $50                                              Series of 6 $399

This unique procedures removes up to 30% of the epidermal skin layer & stimulates the production of fresh, young skin cells and collagen. It is the ultimate advancement in non-invasive, non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of aging, acne, scarring, & pigmentation.

Glycolic Peel                                      Face $45                                         Add-on to facial $35                                              Series of 6 $175

This fruit acid treatment is used to reduce pores, dehydrate acne and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Glycolic Peel                                              $85

*Must schedule a consultation prior to service.

Luma Facial                                       Face $75                        Add treatment to any facial $30

Using light-energy, this procedure targets common skin problems such as hyper-pigmentation, photo-aging, redness and acne.

Luma Lift                                         Face $100                        Add treatment to any facial $75

Using micronized currents, this procedure is a revolutionary way of rejuvenating the skin and lifting sagging muscles.

Luma Facial and Lift Combo                      $125

Simultaneous application of these technologies mutually enhances their effectiveness, promoting cellular rejuvenation from within. Results are immediate and visable

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage        30 min.       60 min.       90 min.                                 $30         $55          $75 

Using firm but gentle pressure, the therapist incorporates a variety of techniques to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and create relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage    30min     60min     90min
                                    $35       $65        $85 

A more therapeutic approach, recommended for breaking up of scar tissue, chronic pain, and athletes.

Prenatal Massage          30min     60min     90min
                                    $35      $65        $85   

The therapist address specific problem spots associated with pregnancy, while the expected mother relaxes as stress and tension are melted away. Must be after 14 weeks into pregnancy.    

Signature Massage                                    $65 

An Essential Exclusive. Enjoy penetrating heat, therapeutic sinus relief, & hand and foot treatment along with our relaxing full body massage. A Treatment Time:  65min  

Spa Foot Treatment                                   $35    
Includes foot soak, foot scrub, and foot massage with reflexology using cucumber heel therapy.
Treatment Time:  30min  

Message Chair       15 min $15        30 min $30

Hot Stone                                60min     90min
                                               $65         $85  

Tanning Services

Sessions   1                10              1 Month

Mega           $8.00         $55.00            $55.00

300/400     $10.00       $65.00            $65.00

600/800     $12.00       $100.00          $89.00

Minutes      10          20          100             200

                $5.00     $8.00     $33.00     $55.00

Airbrush (UV Free Spray Tanning

*Done by a technician not in a booth

1 session                                                        $30
Pre Self Tan Exfoliation Treatment              $20

*We take our last tanning appointment 30 minutes prior to close.

Call about our monthly tanning specials!